From time to time we post information about and related to the field of interpersonal neurobiology: posts diving into relevant research and theory; great stories and ideas about IPNB in action; updates on advisory board and member books, educational offerings and other events of interest; and visual art, poetry, and other ways of considering, exploring, and addressing our amazing minds and brains.

All GAINS members are welcome to submit potential contributions. We are interested in original articles and essays, photography, poetry, art of other sorts, and even your original work published online elsewhere that you would like to also share through GAINS. Content must be IPNB relevant of course; submissions must be ready for publication, e.g. any graphics are yours to use and let us use, essays are well-written and edited, APA style references if any. All submitted items will be reviewed by GAINS blog team and we will let you know if we can publish your item. Non-members are welcome to inquire about a guest post.

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