Our Story of GAINS

In 2005,

A group of educators and psychotherapists participated in the first advanced IPNB immersion workshop, brought together from across the country by organizer and IPNB pioneer Daniel J. Siegel, MD. They bonded through prior deep study and intense “20 minute per chapter” teach-backs of foundational book The Developing Mind, with Dan and fellow IPNB pioneer Louis Cozolino, PhD among the audience. GAINS emerged from seeds sown and nurtured through this energized weekend communityspecifically their enthusiastic belief that the application of IPNB principles can change lives. Dan and Lou graciously became two of the first advisory board members for GAINS, joined by the other original IPNB theorist, Allan Schore, PhD.

Over the next 18 months, GAINS took shape, forming a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board that includes core theorists, scientists, writers, and excellent “appliers” of IPNB, who support a community of IPNB-informed practitioners. GAINS will always be grateful to the founding members who made this community happen, especially those who continued to serve as directors for years, guiding the organization as it grew.

“GAINS emerged from seeds sown and nurtured through this energized weekend community—specifically their enthusiastic belief that the application of IPNB principles can change lives.”

In 2006,

We began publishing the GAINS Quarterly: Connections & Reflections, which published its two final years as an annual e-journal, the Journal for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies: Theory, Research, and Practice. Since their inception by Founding-Editor (now Advisory Board member) Bonnie Badenoch, GAINS publications have been unique creations: part scientific journal; part in-depth discussion of IPNB’s applications to various fields; and part magazine, with cartoons, reflections, poetry, and imagery. Co-Editor of GAINS publications for many years, Debra Pearce-McCall continued the annual publications, with GAINS gift e-books relevant to the Annual IPNB Conference theme. We began these in 2014 with a tribute to GAINS Advisory Board member Allan Schore. Through the membership area of this website, a searchable archive of past publications is available to members.

Over the next several years, GAINS developed a website, a directory, and an international membership and board, as more people began looking for a diverse, interdisciplinary community of IPNB-informed practitioners. We also began offering exclusive teleconferences with IPNB-relevant theorists, authors, researchers, and innovators. Update to today, and these teleconferences are now offered as webinars. Recordings of many past events are available to members in the membership section of the site.

In 2012,

A new and expanded website and directory was launched, and GAINS started offering community outreach, annual member gatherings and official board meetings in conjunction with the annual UCLA Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference (organized by Lifespan Learning Institute and featuring topics and speakers representing some of the latest ideas in IPNB; held each March at UCLA).

In 2017 and Beyond,

GAINS offers an easier to use site, continuing to grow as the resource and gathering place for folks applying IPNB in all types of work and walks of life. The GAINS publication evolves into the GAINS Living Journal of IPNB, encompassing a number of dynamic ways to connect and inform, bringing information about applying IPNB to all who seek it. GAINS Living Journal Webinars feature unique conversations; GAINS social media connects thousands of like-minded folks with up-to-date research and news; The mindGAINS Blog provides a voice for our IPNB community of writers and artists; GAINS Book Club facilitates in-depth reading together; and our partnership with The Neuropsychotherapist provides a home for ongoing sharing in online forums.