Celebrate the birth of GAINS newest form of publication!

We invite all GAINS members to contribute to The mindGAINS Blog, a place for sharing articles, information, and art relevant to the application and expansion of the framework of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB).

Here at The mindGAINS Blog we share information about the field of IPNB; updates on advisory board and member educational offerings and other events of interest; posts diving into relevant research and theory; great stories and ideas about IPNB in action; and visual art, poetry, and other ways of considering, exploring, and addressing our amazing minds and brains.

We are so pleased to launch our latest GAINS publication. Join us in welcoming our newest written version of ongoing connection, community, and conversation for all things IPNB.

For a review and history of GAINS publications, read this.

All prior GAINS publications, as well as recordings of Living Journal Webinars and Book Clubs, are available to members through mindgains.org.

Do you have something you’d like to have considered for the mindGAINS blog? A small team of GAINS board members will be considering any items sent in for publication. What you send in should be ready for publication. We are interested in original articles and essays, photography, poetry, art of other sorts, and also your original work published online elsewhere that you would like to also share through GAINS. Content must be IPNB relevant of course. If you are interested, send your inquiry to mindgainsblog@mindgains.org, and details about the process of submitting your work will be shared.

To a world committed to mind gains,

The GAINS Blog Team
Debra Pearce-McCall, Greg Czyszczon, Kirke Olson, Mary Meador, and Liz Braun