GAINS Advisory Board

  • Bonnie Badenoch
    PhD, LMFT clinician, author, speaker and consultant
  • Daniel J. Siegel
    MD theorist, author, clinician, UCLA professor, and international speaker
  • Allan N. Schore
    PhD theorist, author, clinician, and UCLA clinical faculty-member
  • Louis Cozolino
    PhD theorist, author, clinician, and Pepperdine professor
  • Stephen Porges
    PhD creator and pioneer of the Polyvagal Theory, researcher, and author
  • Iain McGilchrist
    BM, MA, FRCPsych psychiatrist, researcher, author, consultant, and international speaker
  • Tina Payne Bryson
    LCSW, PhD Author, Clinician, Speaker, Advocate, Founder of The Center for Connection
  • Marco Iacoboni
    MD, PhD mirror-neuron investigator, UCLA professor, and author
  • Pat Ogden
    Ph.D. creator and pioneer of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, clinician, author, consultant, and international speaker
  • Patty Wipfler
    child/parent advocate and founder of Hand in Hand
  • James Finley
    PhD clinician, author, renowned retreat-leader, and Merton scholar
  • Diana Fosha
    PhD creator and pioneer of Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy, clinician, and author
  • Ross Ungerleider
    MD, MBA pioneering pediatric heart surgeon; leader in medical innovation, education, and administration
  • Eugene V. Beresin
    MD, MA Harvard professor and innovative leader in medical education
  • Diane Ackerman
    poet, essayist, naturalist, and highly acclaimed author
  • Jaak Panksepp
    PhD (In Memoriam) pioneer in the field of affective neuroscience, researcher, author, professor, and international speaker
  • John O'Donohue
    PhD (In Memoriam) author, poet and philosopher