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    February 19, 2021
    Integrated Life Skills for Managing Life’s Demands; a conversation with Ross and Jamie Ungerleider March 17th 1:00 pm PST...
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    March 1, 2021
    Integrated Life Skills for Managing Life’s Demands

Global Association for Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies

GAINS is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance the science, practice, and application of interpersonal neurobiology to promote health and wellbeing. We are an inclusive, international community bringing our understanding of minds, brains, and relationship into healthcare, education, leadership, research, parenting, and more.

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March 2021

Raising Happier Tweens & Teens: Staying Close and Connected

We will explore setting healthy limits with your tween/teen. And how to stay connected, even as they seem to pull away. Join Instructor Kathy Gordon as we work our way through the video Course, “Raising Happier Tweens”. A Hand In Hand Parenting Program. Four Mondays.

, ...
Lunch Hour Listening Time with Shauna Casey

Free group parenting support calls on the first and third Mondays of every month at 12 pm PST. You’ll receive a brief overview of Hand in Hand and the rest of our time will be divided equally among parents and used to think aloud, problem-solve, offload tension or ask questions.

, ...
Support to Stop the Hitting, a Workshop with Kathy Gordon

Aggression can be the toughest part of parenting, and the most isolating. We feel alone and afraid for our child. Join Instructor Kathy Gordon in small support group, as we use the Hand in Hand Tools to heal the fear that drives the aggression. Our video course “Helping Children With Aggression” will guide us in th

, ...
Hand in Hand Parenting with Tweens and Older Children, with Anna Cole and Liesl Orr

This Hand in Hand Parenting class will offer ideas, perspectives and practical tools that will help you build new and lasting connection channels with your pre-teen to improve your relationship and make things go better at home. You will receive weekly one-on-one support in class from certified Instructors, Anna Cole (

, ...
Listening Partnership Support Group with Megha Mawandia

Come practice your Listening Partnership skills. This group is open to anyone who has previously taken a Hand in Hand Starter Class or a listening partnership class. Led by a certified instructor, this group is only to practice the skill and build our knowledge about ourselves through listening partnerships.

, ...
Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Lara Zane

Six Wednesdays. Has coping with a year of Covid restrictions pushed your connection with your child to breaking point? Are there sticky parenting issues that crop up again again and again? Do you find yourself feeling like you’re the only one dealing with challenges like this? Are you ready to get the support you and

, ...
Positive Aging, Longevity & “Retirement”: The Best is Yet to Come!
6:00 pm

Like us, do you feel much younger on the inside than on the outside?

Like us, are you sometimes surprised by your own age?

Like us, do you think that the concept of retirement is outdated?

Do you want to learn how to thrive over your next decade and beyond?

Positive Aging, Longevity & “Retirement”: The Best is

, ...
Wisdom 2.0 – Caroline Welch Session

Caroline Welch will be leading a session at Wisdom 2.0

, ...
Primal Screams, Somatic Resources

Free Online Webinar; Working with Parents and Caregivers of Children, Adolescents and Families at these Complicated and Unprecedented Times; Join as we explore:
the “somatic narrative” as it applies to therapeutic challenges such as anxiety, anger, confusion, helplessness and hopelessness practical approach , ...

Ongoing Parent Support Group, Friday Afternoons – Sebastopol, CA

Are you seeking some fantastic support for the most important job in the world—parenting our children? This ongoing parent support group is open to anyone who already has some familiarity with the Hand in Hand / Parenting by Connection listening tools.

, ...
Toddler Parenting, an Online Class with Emily Murray

Toddlers are passionate people. Find out how Hand in Hand Parenting Tools can solve common behavioral struggles and help parents keep their cool, so they can be calm, patient anchors for their children during emotionally turbulent moments. This class is for parents without toddlers in tow, but 0-6 month old babies-in-a

, ...
Hand in Hand Online Starter Class With Madeleine Winter

“A life changing experience” says one mother of Madeleine’s Hand in Hand Starter Class. Learn what drives your child’s behaviour, and concrete, parent-tested tools to set limits and build closeness and connection in your family. Get Personalised Support to help you set limits, build co-operation

, ...
AEDP’s Magnificent ‘9+1’ Affective Change Mechanisms

The Theory and Practice of AEDP Described and Presented Through the Lens of its Affective Change Mechanisms, One at a Time. An AEDP Institute Sponsored, Live Online Learning Series with AEDP Founder Diana Fosha, PhD and AEDP Institute Faculty Guest Presenters. We meet for thirteen Tuesdays in March – June, 2021

, ...
Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Heidi Russell

Six Wednesdays. Dear Parents and Caregivers, So much change has happened in our lives this year. With all of the added stress, we feel the impact on our relationships and our patience with parenting is running thin. Are you ready for a fresh start? Are you wanting to stop yelling and start connecting with your kids? I

, ...
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma Themes–Online

MARCH 11, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 29, 2021
Now you can learn Sensorimotor Psychotherapy from your own home or office, or even from your phone, on the go! This blended online learning course is designed to make the most of your time with course facilitators and colleagues and provide you the flexibility to work through , ...

Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Carrie Meadows

Would you like help and support with your child’s difficult behaviour? I did! Back in 2013 with a new baby and a toddler on my hip I would often feel overwhelmed, anxious, and insecure about my parenting. I wanted to channel, calm, playful mummy, and instead, I found myself being stressed, shouty & confused as to

, ...
Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class for Parents of Tweens and Teens with Indira Raja and Juliet Brown

Six Thursdays. Are you at your wits’ end? Is it the pandemic or is your child just growing older? Struggling with peers, school, screens or just a new attitude? Come join us to learn practical skills and tools to stay close and connected to our kids, learn what’s behind their struggles and help them navigate throug

, ...
Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Indira Raja and Juliet Brown

Six Fridays. Are tantrums, defiance or screen-time struggles leaving you exhausted? Is the pandemic turning your child into someone else? We know firsthand how hard it can be. Sometimes a small shift is all you need to get things back on track. Let us help you regain belief in your child and bring laughter, warmth, and

, ...
1:00 pm

Join us to hear about this newly published book, Discovering Your Mindful Heart: An Explorer’s Guide;  Developing your internal resources to manage life’s demands written by the Ungerleiders. Ross’ and Jamie’s book weaves emerging information from the field of interpersonal neurobiology into the pioneering wor

, ...
Psychotherapy Networker Symposium

Caroline Welch will be leading a session.

, ...
Learn & Grow Safe & Sound Protocol Bundle

This interactive learning journey starts with a four day all access pass to the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium where you’ll have the opportunity to see and hear Dr. Stephen Porges and Deb Dana and attend a VIP networking event.
Then, it’s time to fully immerse yourself with the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), inc , ...

The Resonance Summit

On March 19th, Bonnie is so pleased to be part of Sarah Peyton’s free Resonance Summit. At 9:00 am PST, Bonnie will offer a keynote about language, “Dancing with the Hemispheres.” If you are interested in how the metaphors that come naturally to us help us understand which hemisphere is dominant in us

, ...
Reclaiming the Core Self through Fierce Love 2021

AEDP training with SueAnne Piliero, PhD. Online via ZOOM; 10 Wednesdays.

, ...
SP for the Treatment of Trauma

MARCH 25, 2021 – SEPTEMBER 18, 2021; Liege, Belgium; The Level I Training presents simple, body-oriented interventions for tracking, naming, and safely exploring trauma-related, somatic activation, creating new competencies and restoring a somatic sense of self. Students will learn effective, accessible intervent

, ...
Dissociation and the Body, Part 2 (Online)

Expanding on topics presented in Dissociation and the Body, Part 1, this webinar will continue to explore strategies and interventions to develop dissociative clients’ confidence in their own bodies as an avenue for self-knowledge and change.

, ...
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma Themes – Online

MARCH 26, 2021 – OCTOBER 1, 2021
Now you can learn Sensorimotor Psychotherapy from your own home or office, or even from your phone, on the go! This blended online learning course is designed to make the most of your time with course facilitators and colleagues and provide you the flexibility to work through the , ...

The Myth of Self-Regulation

On March 26th from 3:00 – 6:00 pm PST and March 27th from 8:00 – 11:00 am, Bonnie will be joining Austin IN Connection to offer “The Myth of Self-Regulation.” This one is all about how our left-hemisphere dominant society convinces us that self-regulation, self-reliance, and self-care are ideals

, ...
March 2021
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