Allan N. Schore

PhD theorist, author, clinician, and UCLA clinical faculty-member

Over the last two decades, Dr. Allan Schore’s interdisciplinary studies have been directed towards integrating psychological and biological models of emotional and social development across the lifespan. His work has been an important catalyst in the ongoing “emotion revolution” now occurring across all clinical and scientific disciplines. His Regulation Theory, grounded in developmental neuroscience and developmental psychoanalysis, focuses on the origin, psychopathogenesis, and psychotherapeutic treatment of the early forming subjective implicit self.

Clinician-scientist, author, mentor, on the editorial staff of 35 journals across disciplines, international speaker – he provides guidance to fellow clinicians while continuing to expand the theoretical foundations of interpersonal neurobiology. He currently serves as Editor of the acclaimed Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Selected Publications