Living Journal Live Book Club Feb 15, 1pm Pst

Join  Daniel Siegel, MD, Mary Meador, Kirke Olson and Richard Hill on February 15, 2017 from 1:00-2:00 pm PST for our Third “book club” on Dan Siegel’s new book, Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human. We will delve into chapters 3,4,and 5, and look forward to your questions and thoughts. So grab a cup of tea, put on your thinking cap, and pull up a … Read More

LIVING JOURNAL LIVE WEBINAR, Jan 24, 2017 2:30 PM Pacific Time, with Connie Henson PhD and Pieter Rossouw PhD in Conversation with Lynn Redenbach

BrainWise Leadership Come join authors Connie Henson and Pieter Rossouw in a conversation with Lynn Redenbach about their book, BrainWise Leadership: Practical neuroscience to survive and thrive at work. They will discuss their framework for effective leadership, which is underpinned by neuroscience.  Comprising three elements: individual brain fitness, cultivating healthy relationships and creating a high performance culture, BrainWise leadership provides … Read More

Living Journal Webinar with Tina Bryson, December 5, 2016, RECORDING NOW AVAILABLE IN THE LIVING JOURNAL

December 5, 2016 Living Journal Webinar Going Against the Grain When it Comes to Changing Problematic Behavior:  An IPNB approach to shifting the culture of parenting, education and clinical practice. This webinar will explore how to apply a No-Drama Discipline lens to problematic behaviors in kids, teens, and adults.  Tina will talk about how thinking beyond the assumptions and limits of our … Read More

Book Release – listen, by Patty Wipfler and Tosha Schore, M.A.

Listen: Five Simple Tools for Your Everyday Parenting Challenges introduces parents to five simple, practical skills even the most harried parent can use. These tools will help parents strengthen their connection with their child and help build their child’s intelligence, cooperation, and ability to learn as they grow. The book delivers detailed information accompanied by more than one hundred real-life … Read More

Living Journal Live Webinar featuring Daniel J. Siegel, MD., Sept 7, 1pm PST

Recording Now online! Go to the Living Journal Link in the Top Menu Bar to access it. Mind:  A Journey to the Heart of Being Human Imagine waking up to the realization that the fields that focus on the mind—from mental health and education to psychiatry and psychology—do not actually define what the mind actually is.  Without knowing what mind … Read More

Feb 9, 2016 – LIVING JOURNAL WEBINAR Sharon Stanley with Lynn Redenbach

RECORDING NOW ONLINE! Go to “Living Journal” link in the top menu bar. Exploring the Wisdom of Embodiment in Healing Trauma Part 2 Lynn Redenbach, RPN, MA, RCC – GAINS Education Co-Chair, facilitates conversation with Sharon Stanley Our regrets that Bonnie Badenoch was ill and unable to participate in this conversation. The conversation between Sharon Stanley and Lynn Redenbach is a … Read More

November 17 Webinar – Bonnie Badenoch and Sharon Stanley

RECORDING NOW ONLINE! go to “Living Journal” link in the top menu bar. Exploring the Wisdom of Embodiment in Healing Trauma A conversation with Bonnie Badenoch & Sharon Stanley facilitated by Lynn Redenbach, RPN, MA, RCC – GAINS Education Co-Chair Tuesday, November 17, 2015  As an adaptation to the conditions of our Western culture, many of us have been drawn … Read More