Ms Rina Goodman, J.D.

Rina Goodman

Business Name: Transforming Conflict LLC

Primary Role

Conflict Management Specialist

Professional Role(s)

Other Professional Categories
Other Legal Professional

Street Address

600 1st Ave
Suite 102 #1062

About Me

I am a mediator, conflict coach, and principal of Transforming Conflict LLC. I have spent more than fifteen years learning about conflict—what it is, how it is triggered, and how to turn it from something disruptive into something positive. As a mediator, I help couples, parents, family members, business partners, employees, and supervisors resolve misunderstandings and disagreements, restoring trust and productivity across households and within workplaces. As a conflict coach, I help my clients develop skills to manage conflicts constructively so that they can be more successful in their co-parenting, family, and business relationships. I perform these tasks together to achieve better and long-lasting results.