The Healing Path with James Finley

We invite you to take part in an engaging and soulful conversation in which James Finley will offer his reflections on the lived experience of loss, death, and healing. James’ most recent book  is The Healing Path: A Memoir and an Invitation, a depthful and tender reflection on his journey through traumatic experience coupled with the gentle gift of healing of … Read More

Understanding the Joyful Messiness of Classrooms: The Polyvagal Theory in Education

Join us for a lively and engaging conversation that brings The Polyvagal Theory into education. Dr. Debra Em Wilson will discuss her Seven Polyvagal Principles designed to make implementation possible in busy, time-crunched classrooms. She’ll share her insights and stories based on thirty plus years as a teacher and educational consultant in schools. She will draw from her new book The … Read More

When We Embrace the Science, Psychotherapy Becomes an Art

Join us for a conversation with Michael Alcée, PhD on March 22nd at 11 AM Pacific Time Interpersonal neurobiology has been revolutionary in transforming not only our client’s lives but our very identities as therapists. In this talk, we’ll focus on how it transforms our work into an artform. Using examples from music, literature, and art, we’ll showcase the unique … Read More

Immediate interventions for struggling families, integrating four distinct areas of psychology.

Children and families burdened with attachment disruption, emotional distress, or psychological disorders need effective and immediate assistance. They do not have the time to wait for long-term interventions or developmental changes to improve the parent-child relationship. Here, psychologists Elizabeth A. Sylvester and Kat Scherer provide the most effective approach in such situations: interventions that impact the entire family at relational, … Read More

Who Are We?

We no longer seem to have the faintest idea who we are, what the world is, or how we relate to it. Indeed there is a sense in which we no longer live in a world at all, but exist in a simulacrum of our own making. Whitehead observed that philosophy is of urgent importance because ‘as we think, we live.’ … Read More

IntraConnected: Integrating Identity and Broadening Belonging as MWe

In our next Living Journal, we welcome Dr Daniel J. Siegel MD  as we explore his new book Intraconnected: MWe (Me + We) as the Integration of Self, Identity, and Belonging, forthcoming in November. In this presentation, we’ll examine the notion of “connection” and its correlation with mental health. When we feel disconnected from our inner life, we suffer; when we … Read More

Navigating in Turbulent Times

In our next Living Journal we welcome Deb Dana as we explore the qualities of autonomic regulation and discover how each small act of kindness can begin to reshape the world. The autonomic nervous system is at the heart of our lived experience. What begins with our biology leads to the behaviors and beliefs that shape our days. Polyvagal Theory … Read More

How Does “Science” Support Attunement Between Therapist and Client

In our next Living Journal we welcome Richard Hill & Matthew Dahlitz, authors of a new book: The Practitioner’s Guide to the Science of Psychotherapy. The word “science” has become subsumed by the concepts reductionism and objectivism which seem the opposite of the fascinating, curious exploration of what lies within “scientific discovery”. In the new book, The Practitioner’s Guide to … Read More

New Applications of Polyvagal Theory in an Ever Changing World, Dr. Stephen Porges

In this Living Journal webinar, we welcome Dr. Stephen Porges, who will be interviewed by members of the GAINS Board. In this conversation, Dr. Porges will share with us new applications of his Polyvagal Theory.  Please join us for this foundational and informative interview. The interview will take place on Thursday, March 17th. Please note, this is different from our normal … Read More

The Integrative Leader: IPNB and Leadership Practice, Lynn Redenbach

Throughout her career, Lynn Redenbach has been passionate about bringing relationally- centered perspectives into her work with clients and leadership work. She is a psychiatric nurse and has a Masters degree in counselling psychology as well as a Masters in leadership. Recently she completed a doctorate in Leadership and Change (healthcare concentration). The Integrative Leader: IPNB and Leadership Practice Description: … Read More