Maureen Lowell

MA, LMFT Community Team Antiracism Committee

Maureen Lowell completed the Interpersonal Neurobiology certificate program at Portland State University in 2016. This certificate was a culminating experience in a decade or more of exploration of the mind, embodied brain, and relationships, but also became the springboard for application in Maureen’s personal, professional, and spiritual dimensions of life.

Maureen currently is faculty in the Foundations in Interpersonal Neurobiology certificate program at Portland Community College. She is also faculty at San Jose State University in the Department of Justice Studies where she teaches courses including Family and Community Violence; Collaborative Response to Family Violence; and Race, Gender, Inequality, and the Law. These courses offer an exciting opportunity to apply Interpersonal Neurobiology as a rich, integrative, and humanizing framework for understanding conflict, violence, trauma, leadership, collaboration, and oppression.

Though not currently practicing, Maureen is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. Over her twenty-five years of work with clients, Interpersonal Neurobiology played an emergent and illuminating role in her practice, which specialized in intimate partner violence and parenting.

Maureen is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the GAINS Board to help extend the reach and application of IPNB in an ever-emerging world of possibility and hope.