Lynn Redenbach


“IPNB has transformed my work as a psychotherapist and leader, bringing science to the relational embeddedness of my being and doing. It enlightens the multiple-intersecting spaces and places I inhabit across time in ways that illuminate and activate. I love the complexity, the invitation(s), and the challenge(s) this framework offers, both personally and professionally.”

Lynn Redenbach MA, PhD, RCC, RPN (non-practicing) works as a psychotherapist and leadership development consultant in British Columbia.  As past President, she is a grateful member of the GAINS Board of Directors. She has Masters degrees in Counselling Psychology and a Masters in Leadership as well as a Doctorate in Leadership and Change (Healthcare Concentration). Lynn’s doctoral research focused on exploring the influence and meaning IPNB has had for leaders’ practices, development and identity.

In addition to supporting individuals, couples, and families, in her private practice, Lynn offers clinical consultation and leadership development to healthcare practitioners. She is particularly interested in supporting organizations and leaders in the development of relationship-centered processes that foster engagement and innovation. Lynn is committed to supporting others in their development of capacities and skills to foster greater integration in their lives, relationships, and workplaces.