Jehan Ganachaud

MA, NCC, PLPC Community Team

Jehan is interested in strengthening the GAINS community to promote connection within its members.

Originally from France, Jehan is a nationally certified and provisionally licensed counselor in the state of Missouri in the United States. From a young age, he always had an interest in mental health, and after obtaining his master’s degree in neuroscience in France, his path took him to the US. After teaching elementary school for a year and working in clinical research (oncology) for five years, he finally returned to his first passion the brain. Jehan wanted to see how neuroscience could be used to help individuals increase their mental health, and he decided to become a mental health counselor. The more clients Jehan worked with, the more he started to think of the brain, identity, and the importance of relationships. When Jehan discovered Dr. Daniel Siegel’s work and IPNB, it was the framework he had been looking for on a personal and professional level.

Jehan works with adoptive and foster families whose children have experienced developmental trauma. He is currently being trained in the neurosequential model of therapeutics.