Gregory John Czyszczon

Ph.D., LPC Membership, Education, & Antiracism Committees Secretary
Gregory Czyszczon, Ph.D., LPC is a counselor, clinical supervisor, and educator. In addition to his private counseling practice, he is an Adjunct Professor at James Madison University where he teaches courses in counseling, special education, and psychology. He is also a lead clinical supervisor for the Secure Child In-Home Program which provides attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention for children and parents involved in the child welfare system. 
Trained in the Neurosqeuential Model of Therapeutics, a clinical assessment process developed to support the healing of children who have experienced significant developmental trauma, Dr. Czyszczon is interested in the intersection of Interpersonal Neurobiology and systems of care. He is currently co-leading an effort, in collaboration with representatives from the child welfare, mental health, education, and juvenile justice systems, to establish a local Trauma-Informed Community Network.
He is the founder and Executive Director of the Harrisonburg Center for Relational Health, a counseling agency working from an IPNB perspective to offer low-cost counseling services in the local community. Committed to social justice and healing, he is the co-developer of Mindful Multiculturalism, a method of noticing implicit assumptions about others using mindfulness.  
Dr. Czyszczon has published and presented in the areas of families in crisis, family play therapy, and the professionalization of in-home counseling.