Debra Pearce-McCall

PhD Chair Blog Team

Debra Pearce-McCall, Ph.D., brings a compassionate and playful focus on our relating minds and brains into all her work as a clinician, coach, and consultant. She is particularly interested in IPNB applications to enhancing individual and global well-being, expanding mind mentoring and leadership, and guiding professional ethics. She especially enjoys working with those who mentor and lead others, bringing an integrative, impactful, whole human systems way of being into their daily interactions.

Deeply committed to expanding the field of IPNB, Debra’s contributions include:

  • Creating and facilitating applications of IPNB (she delights in helping people integrate IPNB into their work in therapy, coaching, healthcare, leadership, education, and more, through private consults, speaking, and training; she was instrumental in developing numerous classes for the first academic CE certificate program in IPNB at PSU, now a new certificate program housed at PCC Institute for Health Professionals, where she continues to teach and share her work applying IPNB to ethics).
  • Writing about IPNB (Debra co-authored Mindsight at Work: An interpersonal neurobiology lens on leadership, with Daniel J. Siegel, MD, included in Handbook of Neuroleadership; she wrote feature articles for and co-edited the GAINS quarterly and journal; was editor of GAINS e-books; is currently on GAINS Blog Team).
  • Helping to grow the GAINS community (charter member, long time board member, currently serving as Past-President).

With degrees in psychology and human systems, from the Universities of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, Debra holds licenses as a Psychologist and as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and invited member of AFTA. Debra is a Senior Consultant with the CreatingWe Institute, an international community of thought leaders working at the interface of organization/leadership development, neuroscience and innovation. She is Certified in IPNB, Conversational Intelligence®, HeartMath® and is a member of the Right Use of Power Guild. In addition to private consultations, in person and online, Debra gives webinars and workshops, and develops customized coaching and training programs.

A student of the mind, communication, and systems theory since the 1970s, Debra brings experience from many arenas to her conversations, presentations, and facilitations. For decades, she’s provided psychotherapy, clinical supervision, and leadership coaching infused with systemic wisdom and a creative approach to mind and relational development, and learns something from all her clients. She’s worked in private practice, non-profit clinics, as a partner in a large group practice, and as an executive in corporations. Eager for lifelong learning, she participated in Dan Siegel’s earliest annual immersion trainings, spent years in one of Allan Schore’s study groups, and maintains an endless reading list. She developed and taught over a dozen different classes at several universities, and now gives workshops, webinars, and talks that share IPNB applications in their content and process. She has published articles in academic and professional journals, co-authored several book chapters, and had opportunities to conduct qualitative and quantitative research studies.

Her deepest knowing about integrating mind, brain, and relating has come from being a parent, exploring mindful awareness practices, her own journeys with pain and loss, communing with nature in all forms, and dancing in body or mind to the amazing human creation of music.