Deborah Armstrong

Cherie Dikelsky

“I was introduced to IPNB at the 1999 Decade of the Brain Conference where I sat in the front row, listening deeply to this new and yet very familiar landscape of knowledge and wisdom that has informed and affected my personal and professional journeys in life. Everyday, in a myriad of ways, I am grateful for what IPNB has gifted to me and to those I work with and love.”

Deborah Armstrong PhD, LMFT-S, RPT-S, REAT, REACE has been practicing as a couples & family therapist specializing in Expressive and Play Therapies for over thirty-five years. She works out of the Mindgarden Centre in Greenville, SC, where she provides therapy, supervision, & training programs. She serves as Co-Coordinator of the Expressive Arts Therapy & Spiritual Care and Counseling Concentrations at Goddard College. She also serves as faculty at the Creative Arts Institute in Beijng where she brought the SEAT (Sandtray & Expressive Arts Therapy) and DEAPTH (Dreamwork & Expressive Arts Practices in Therapy) Certificate programs. Her dissertation research that validated Lucid Dreams in school age children led to her authorship of a children’s book, Awake in the Night. Deborah’s interest, indeed passion in IPNB studies began in 1999 at the Decade of the Brain Conference.