November 17 Webinar – Bonnie Badenoch and Sharon Stanley

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Exploring the Wisdom of Embodiment in Healing Trauma

A conversation with Bonnie Badenoch & Sharon Stanley
facilitated by Lynn Redenbach, RPN, MA, RCC – GAINS Education Co-Chair

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

 As an adaptation to the conditions of our Western culture, many of us have been drawn far away from embodiment. In keeping with this, much of our clinical training and the healthcare cultures within which we work are dominated by left hemispheric ways of seeing and practicing. Yet, in order to truly foster our clients’ transformative healing from the wounds of trauma, clinicians can cultivate their inborn capacity for deep embodiment. What does it mean to be deeply embodied? How can this support our work in creating relational safety, which is so necessary in work with people who have been traumatized and really in all our relationships? What supports and capacities are necessary for the clinician to enter into embodied presence?


Bonnie Badenoch, PhD and Sharon Stanley, PhD. will come together in conversation to explore the nuanced interplay between the intra-personal and interpersonal realms of coming to embodied presence. In addition to sharing insights gleaned from their vast experience, Bonnie and Sharon will speak about research and theorists from the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology who have inspired their reflections and practice.