Integrated Life Skills for Managing Life’s Demands; a conversation with Ross and Jamie Ungerleider


Join us to hear about this newly published book, Discovering Your Mindful Heart: An Explorer’s Guide;  Developing your internal resources to manage life’s demands written by the Ungerleiders. Ross’ and Jamie’s book weaves emerging information from the field of interpersonal neurobiology into the pioneering work of Virginia Satir and the experiences of the authors in their careers working with professionals (mostly in healthcare) who are yearning for resources that can help them better manage their relationships (with themselves and important others) in a world that seems to have inexorable demands.  The book is designed to help readers generate their own solutions and choices for their highly unique and personal challenges. It is intended to provide readers with tools and skills to explore their deepest and most authentic sense of self — a sense of self the authors call the “Mindful Heart.” It can be read in short segments or as an entire piece.

During the Living Journal, we want to describe how the book is an invitation to each reader to discover and develop the resources they need to help them on their own journey of learning and growth.

They will discuss the five freedoms and the internal resources that belong to everyone, and how people can embrace, develop or manifest these freedoms and resources in their lives. They will also discuss thirteen growth tools which are designed to help the reader expand their capacity for understanding, having compassion and improving relationships with themselves and others.

Jamie Dickey Ungerleider MSW, PhD was raised in Laurel, MS. She has spent over 40 years as an educator, psychotherapist (for individuals and couples), organizational consultant and executive coach. Since 2001, she began working primarily with health care professionals. Her work in these areas have helped her to guide important changes for clients that have translated into more effective practices and more fulfilling interpersonal relationships and life experiences.  She has published numerous peer reviewed articles on work-life balance, conflict management, teamwork and leadership styles.

Ross Michael Ungerleider MD, MBA received his training at Duke University Medical Center where he remained on the faculty for 15 years, rising to the level of tenured professor in 1996.  After 25 years at Duke, he took leadership roles at Oregon Health and Science University (Portland, OR), Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH), Wake Forest Baptist Health (Winston Salem, NC) and Driscoll Children’s Hospital (Corpus Christi, TX) helping to build children’s heart programs and teach leadership and teamwork at each organization.  He is the author of over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers and book chapters as well as an editor of two major textbooks on cardiac surgery. He has been named to America’s Best Doctors, Cambridge’s Who’s Who, Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors (receiving their distinction as being among the top 1% nationally in his field), and by Good Housekeeping as one of the best pediatric cardiac surgeons in the U.S.  In 2000, he was the recipient of the James Carreras International Humanitarian Award for his work performing heart surgery on children in Nicaragua.

Together and individually, Ross and Jamie consult, speak and conduct workshops nationally and internationally on leadership, teamwork, conflict management, stress management and work life balance for health care professionals (including how to manage the demands of marriage when at least one partner is a professional). Their work is dedicated to helping produce healthier and more vibrant health care professionals and leaders, who have more effective, satisfying, and congruent relationships with themselves, with others (including within their family structures) and with the organizations for which they work.