Living Journal Webinar – Patty Wipfler

Weaving the Art of Listening into Parenting: 5 Powerful Tools


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featuring Patty Wipfler, GAINS Advisory Board Member, Founder and Program Director of Hand in Hand Parenting, in a conversation with Debra Pearce-McCall, GAINS Co-President

Join us for an introduction to five “Listening Tools,” practices that work to clear tension between parent and child, and provide emotional support for parents, as well. Simple, connective, and powerful, they’ve eased the lives of parents and children from a wide range of backgrounds, and have transformed the lives of parents and children with ordinary, every-day issues, as well as issues related to heavy trauma, neglect, and abuse. An introduction to a wealth of free resources for parents will be included, thanks to Patty and her wonderful organization, Hand in Hand Parenting. And these 5 Powerful Listening Tools have applications beyond parenting.