Mrs Eva Berlander, Couples therapist, Mind Trainer, Author, Podcast

Eva Berlander

Gender: Female
Business Name: Svenska Imagoinstitutet AB

Primary Role

Educator, Couples Therapist and Author

Professional Role(s)

Sandplay Therapist
Professional Trainer/Educator
Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Supervisor/Consultant
Life Coach
Leadership/Organizational Consultant

Street Address

Svenska Imagoinstitutet, Vallgatan 16

About Me

Eva Berlander founded the education centre, Swedish Imago Relationship Institute with the long-term goal of creating a better world, one couple, one individual at a time. With the help of mental training, Interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), Imago Relationship Therapy and mindfulness we work to create loving relationships in our society. The aim is to inspire people to look at seemingly hopeless conflicts and problems from the perspective of: “How exciting! How lucky we are that we can use the difficulties we are experiencing to create loving relationships!” In other words, conflicts carry with them the opportunity for development and the key for change. Our work is based on research and science in the area of human relationships. In order to experience health, prosperity and happiness we need to be attentive to what works and what does not work in our relationships. We need to understand what it is that we can do to create that integration in our own nervous system that will allow us to achieve harmony and balance. By learning a integrative dialogue: Crossing the Bridge, based on presence, attunement, empathy and “walking in the other person’s shoes”, we are able to help people find their way back to feeling alive- both as a couple and an individual. The way we communicate and create connection, change our Brain, our Mind and our Relationships! Through her thirty years’ experience as a therapist she has met thousands of individuals, couples and groups. Her speciality is to inspire and teach people how to  Cross the Bridge  to Loving Relationships. She is specialized in working with relationship trauma. She is a highly regarded and knowledgeable therapist with an all – encompassing presence, enthusiasm, demeanour and solid knowledge create security, hope, laughter, awareness and integration in participants. She has a passionate interest in research of human relationships and constantly updates her knowledge. It is evident that her continuous work with her own close relationships is reflected in her work as a tutor, lecturer, author and therapist. She walks her talk! She is the author of 6 books. € in Swedish and 2 in English: How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships." and You're Tearing Us Apart: Twenty Ways We Wreck Our Relationships and Strategies to Repair Them. This last book she wrote together with Dr Pat Love. Eva have several online trainings for individuals, couples and for therapists. Through the lens of IPNB she looks at conflicts, love and communication.