Ms Sarah Moore, Certified in Conversational Intelligence, Certified Coach

Sarah Moore

Business Name: Early Education Leadership

Professional Role(s)

Leadership/Organizational Consultant

Street Address

25a Cambrai Avenue

About Me

Sarah brings enormous energy and passion to everything she does. She is a highly motivated and passionate Certified Leadership Coach, Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and Certified in Conversational Intelligence®. With over 26 years of leadership, training and development experience in the UK and Australia, Sarah is known for her practical leadership programs that support people to create extraordinary results and to BE leaders worth following. Sarah has studied under Judith E. Glaser, organisational anthropologist and specialist in Conversational Intelligence® to bring contemporary neuroscience based tools to her coaching, training and consultancy. Sarah is driven to support Early Educational Leaders and teams in the immersion of these neuroscience based insights and tools to build human connections, trust, partnerships and mutual success.