Mr Nick Kuys, Youth and Family Counselling/therapy, studying in Psychotherapy

Nick Kuys

Gender: Male
Business Name: DYAD Services

Primary Role

Counselling and Therapy from an Attachment and Trauma framework.

Professional Role(s)

General Counselor
Career Counselor
Marriage & Family Therapist
Life Coach

Street Address

Oldaker Street

About Me

For the past 20 years, Nicks' focus has been to understand Dyadic distortions in human interactions and development, which he has gained in depth technical data and knowledge through training and experiences in psychotherapy based practices. This ultimately helps find 'the right support'. It is a core function in being able to support people in having healthy human interactions, and is paramount in the family dynamic's, as well as in any work place. In the family home this promotes well being for individuals and also the family as a whole, which benefits everyone. In the work place this promotes happier and healthier staff; better work ethics and reduces the risk of down time. From an operations focus, this helps lead overall business productivity. For more information about this, please contact Nick via email: "knowing how to find an answer is far greater knowledge than just knowing the answer." Copyright notice Nick Kuys 2011