Ms. Margie Chance, LPC, CADC-I

Margie Chance

Business Name: Heart Centered Psychotherapy

Primary Role


Professional Role(s)

Clinical Supervisor/Consultant
Drug & Alcohol Counselor/Therapist
Parenting Consultant/Educator
Life Coach

Street Address

1255 NW 9th Avenue #106

About Me

I work in the heart of this beautiful city of Portland and I see people every day who are searching for a connection to something or someone. Located in the corner of the Pearl district, I want people to walk in my door and feel safe enough to be vulnerable and willing to experience discomfort in order to get to that place where they can do the work necessary to begin to feel happy and peaceful.  What I love about this setting is that it aligns with my deepest purpose for my clients. So many of them come to therapy because they don't believe they can be happy.  Here, they can begin to experience the joy of being 'good enough' in simple yet profound ways. In this reflective setting they develop within themselves new-found strengths with which to overcome the pain they are experiencing and achieve goals they had previously thought impossible.  I love being an agent for change...assisting people in creating the lives they choose and developing in wonderful, dynamic, exciting ways they previously have only dreamed of.  We each deserve to live the lives of our dreams. While I utilize various therapeutic theories, Interpersonal Neurobiology is at the foundation of all of the work I do. I received my Certificate in IPNB in September of 2013 and I continue to read and study and work within the IPNB concepts.