Mr Mark Baumann, J.D.

Mark Baumann

Business Name: Integrative Client Counseling Institute
Website: http://ICC.Institute

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Professional Trainer/Educator
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PO Box 2088
1337 west 5th Street
Port Angeles

About Me

I am a lawyer, mediator, and professional trainer and coach. I also conduct DMM-based Adult Attachment Interviews and assessments. My litigation work is with high conflict family law cases. My mediation approach is transdisciplinary and transformational, and I can work remotely. I obtained a graduated credit certificate from the Interpersonal Neurobiology program at Portland State University. I have also completed training in conducting and coding the DMM versions of the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) and Preschool Attachment Assessment (PAA). There are no comprehensive models of conflict psychology for lawyers, so I am working to port IPNB and attachment (DMM) concepts into the Integrative Client-Centered Model (ICCM) of client counseling. The ICCM uses many traditional therapy concepts, such as the therapeutic alliance and listening skills, but titled and oriented appropriately for lawyers, and offers the Attachment-Based Conflict Psychology (ABCP) model. The Integrative Client Counseling Institute (ICCI) is the home for the ICCM. There are many applications for lawyers. For example, it is critical to understand and manage polyvagal withdrawal state behaviors, and how to promote neural integration to optimize client decision making. Dr. Patricia Crittenden’s Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and Adaptation (DMM) offers good tools to understand conflict psychology, client narratives, challenges to information processing, and what/how information may have been transformed in memory processing. ICCI offers training and materials, including models for parent coaching in litigation cases. I would love to share ideas with all of my GAINS colleagues, so please give me a shout anytime.   For a full resume, please see