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Elizabeth Eyre Braun

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My name is LIZ IAVORSCHI-BRAUN. I grew up in both the US and Canada and followed my globe-trotting family around the world. For the past 8 years, home has been the Black Sea coast where I live with my husband, Alex, a Romanian military officer. Since moving to Europe, I’ve earned certification as virtual classroom teacher and Cultural Transitions Trainer, written several articles and 2 books and have logged over 60,000 hours of teaching in a cyber classroom that extends from Moscow to Miami and Taipei. My relocation programs for individuals and families are enhanced by firsthand experience negotiating the challenges of expatriation and repatriation. I have been certified through Hawk Eye programs that aid me in coaching military personnel – and their families – as they work through transitions: life stage, career, and culture. When I am not working I enjoy my passion for equestrian sports.