Ms Karen Welch, MA, LMFT

Karen Welch

Gender: Female
Business Name: Karen S Welch, MA, LMFT

Primary Role

Psychotherapist, Consultant/Mentor

Professional Role(s)

Marriage & Family Therapist

Street Address

18543 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Yorba Linda

About Me

I believe healing happens in the presence of a safe and caring other. having sat at the feet of Bonnie Badenoch for over 15 years my work is touched every day by her internalized. implicit presence and teachings. Most of my work takes place remotely via zoom which allows me the opportunity to provide support and nurturance for people everywhere yearning for connection through the IPNB lens. As Bonnie says, "At every moment, we are shaping one another's embodied brains. In the presence of warm, responsive relationships we heal together and we learn together, the healing and the learning supporting each other."