Ms Kathleen Osta, LCSW

Kathleen Osta

Business Name: Somatic Healing Therapy

Primary Role

Somatic Therapist and Facilitator

Professional Role(s)

Professional Trainer/Educator
Social Worker
Social Worker, Agency

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About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with thirty years of experience advocating for children and families. I bring a systemic and strengths based approach to my work, knowing that we all carry within us the wisdom we need to heal and be well. I am a warm, compassionate, therapist who sees myself as a partner and guide for people as they explore how to live with more ease, clarity, and connection. I have a special interest in how the mind and body respond to acute and prolonged trauma and how we can heal from even the most painful life experiences. Trauma occurs when we experience danger during which we are unable to successfully protect or defend ourselves - this can occur interpersonally in the case of abusive or misattuned relationships or collectively due to the ways that harm, such as racism, sexism, and other forms of ‘othering’ are baked into our institutions. Through the lens of interpersonal neurobiology and polyvagal theory, we know that a felt sense of safety and belonging are essential to our well-being and through embodiment, presence, and attuned relationships we can heal and thrive.