Prof Heidi Crockett, LCSW, CST, CSE, CMC

Heidi Crockett

Business Name: Center for Integration

Primary Role

Licensed Psychotherapist, IPNB teacher

Professional Role(s)

Specialist Therapies
Professional Trainer/Educator
Social Worker

Street Address

30721 Russell Ranch Road
Suite 140
Westlake Village

About Me

Hi! I have been teaching and facilitating workshops on interpersonal neurobiology for 10 years and have some fun recorded science chats (see above link to my website--I'll give you access to one recording for free if you email me and ask for it). I love teaching and even in my psychotherapy sessions with groups and individuals, always IPNB is part of my framework, (how we can use our mind to change our brain). I am in a trauma training (Somatic Experiencing) and have certification in sex therapy (AASECT). If you want to learn more about IPNB or want to try a counselor who knows how to practically apply it for beneficial change, you've found your gal!  I continue to be amazed about the changes clients are able to make by first differentiating (separating) then linking in all kinds of different areas of their lives, (to differentiate then link is the definition of integration). Love this quote and believe it is true from my experience: "All forms of therapy are successful to the degree to which they foster integration." -Cozolino Reach out to me if you want to strengthen your prefrontal cortex (wizard brain) and its ability to monitor and modify ("regulate") your life. Most people have problems modifying their life--the good news is this is a skill that can be practiced and learned.