Ms Carly Rainé Canant, M.A., Energy Principles Practitioner (EPP)

Carly Rainé Canant

Business Name: Calm Pond Polarity

Primary Role

Polarity Therapist

Professional Role(s)

Specialist Therapies

Street Address

2915 Martin Luther King Jr Way

About Me

Hello! I'm an advanced student and teacher's assistant with the Polarity Therapy Institute. I hold a Bachelor's in psychology from UC Berkeley and a Master's degree in expressive arts counseling psychology from CIIS. I also have experience in physical theater and as a facilitator of outdoor experiential education. Polarity Therapy promotes deep rest and whole body-mind system functioning through person-centered communication and therapeutic touch. I apply principles of energetic and functional anatomy within a friendly and welcoming environment to support the client in connecting with their inner resources and uncovering the wellness already within them, just as they are. I'm currently studying the Comprehensive IPNB course with the Mindsight Institute and I'm super excited by the resonance I feel within myself and the consilience it has with Polarity Therapy.