Ms. Liz Bothwell, M.A., Transpersonal Studies

Liz Bothwell

Gender: Female
Business Name: Elizabeth Bothwell, M.A.

Primary Role

Personal Growth Consultant

Professional Role(s)


Street Address

1020 SW Taylor St
Suite 810
Suite 810

About Me

Built upon 25 years of practice, my approach to hand analysis, the Enneagram, and personal growth counseling is influenced by several things:  my curiosity about the interrelationships among science, spirituality, and psychology, as well as my interest and faith in the unique yearnings for growth and creativity. I have a particular interest in transitions -- how they emerge, navigating them with respect, and working with blocks that  impede our need or desire for change . When we work together, I combine my education, professional training, and personal orientation with large, lighthearted helpings of intuition and practicality.  The gate is open...come on through. I look forward to meeting you