Dr Ana Kozomara-Lund, PhD, MBACP

Ana Kozomara-Lund

Business Name: Ana Lund Psychotherapy
Website: http://www.analundtherapy.co.uk

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63 Bolton street

About Me

Psychotherapy is my second career, and I previously worked as a scientist in Manchester University, UK, working in the field of non-coding RNA and computationa biology (I hold a PhD in this field). I was always passionate about human nature, human relationships, human connections and all the things that makes our human experience be the best and the worst. Eventually, I decided to train as psychotherapist and I have been working as a psychotherapist in private practice since 2019. I also hold a diploma of Anthropology from Manchester University. I am very interested in the relationship between neurobilogy and psychotherapy, nature and nurture, subjectivity and objectivity and I have been naturally drawn to IPBN for all those reasons. I am also regularly practising mindfulness and am interested in the neuroscience of mindfulness and it's effect on the human brain. My work as psychotherapist is, on one hand informed by humanity, culture, personal experience of clients and on the other hand by neuroscience. I love keeping my self informed about latest discoveries from frontiers of different disciplines related to neuroscience and psychotherapy and I love discussing ideas.