Shelby Alsup

M.M.F.T., LMFT Communications Team

Shelby Alsup is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over six years of experience working with children and families in community mental health, residential facilities, schools, and homes. Shelby received her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy (M.M.F.T.) at the University of Southern California (USC). Further, she grew her current interests as a Research Assistant at the Brain & Creativity Institute at USC where she built her knowledge on the neurological basis for emotional behavior and socio-emotional perspectives through neuroimaging applications. Currently, Shelby is working toward her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology focusing specifically on Neuropsychology and works at the Stress, Cognition, Affect, and Neuroimaging Lab at Oregon Health and Sciences University. Shelby developed her current interests while delving deeply into Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)- a framework that she uses to guide her professional and personal life. 

As a scholar of humanity, she searches for understanding of the human mind, both experimentally and philosophically. In her exploration of psychology, neuroscience, and IPNB and the convergence of contemplative science, she has found the areas about which she is most passionate. Through her research, Shelby has had the opportunity to address issues faced by marginalized and trauma-impacted youth and families. She is interested in identifying the presence of resilience, relationships of positive development and protective factors that prevent the negative impact of long-term effects of adversity. Her research seeks to understand such factors of adaptation and response; thus, resilience can be taught and trained and carried out through intervention. Through contemplative science and access to practices in the community, issues of social justice can be addressed at an early age when the pediatric population first enters the learning environment, or earlier, at the hands of their parents/caregivers. Shelby’s concern and compassion paired with action in research seek to provide the young minds of our society with contemplative practices that cultivate a lifestyle that extends into a way of being in our world. Overall, her research aims to better society, lessen human suffering, and promote harmony and interpersonal connections.