Positive Aging, Longevity & “Retirement”: The Best is Yet to Come!

Like us, do you feel much younger on the inside than on the outside?

Like us, are you sometimes surprised by your own age?

Like us, do you think that the concept of retirement is outdated?

Do you want to learn how to thrive over your next decade and beyond?

Positive Aging, Longevity & “Retirement”: The Best is Yet to Come! offers you the chance to learn how to improve your well-being, discover your strengths and flourish as you approach or during your “retirement.”

Here is one small example: There is an enormous amount of information and misinformation on what to do to lengthen your lifespan. But lifespan and healthspan are two different things. Lifespan is how long you live. Healthspan is how long you are healthy. Sadly, there can be a big difference between the two. We want you to learn ways that can make them closer to the same length.

There is a lot to learn.


Mar 03 2021


Eastern Time
6:00 pm
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