On-demand: Marco Iacoboni: Culture of Empathy Builder

Marco Iacoboni: Culture of Empathy Builder

“Empathy plays a fundamental role in our social lives. It allows us to share emotions, experiences, needs, and goals. Not surprisingly, there is much empirical evidence suggesting a strong link between between mirror neurons (or some general forms of neuronal mirroring) and empathy.”  Marco Iacoboni

Presented by: Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

Resource web site: http://cultureofempathy.com/References/Experts/Marco-Iacoboni.htm

Format: online, on-demand audio and video recordings

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“Marco Iacohoni and Edwin Rutsch: How to Build a Culture of Empathy”: In this interview, Marco Iacoboni challenges the traditional Western understanding of human nature as selfish and struggling for survival and suggests that neurologically and evolutionarily we are predisposed to create empathetic connections. A culture of empathy can be increased by: becoming aware of our biological capacity for empathy through mirror neurons, having intention to increase culture empathy, creating more empathetic living environments, decreasing focus on differences and labeling, increasing focus on similarities, and increasing the empathetic behavior of governments, leaders, and the media.

“Empathy Definitions, Measurements & Metrics: Marco Iacoboni, Lidewij Niezink, and Edwin Rutsch”: In this second interview, Marco Iacoboni, Lidewij Niezink, and Edwin Rutsch discuss Definitions, Measurements & Metrics of empathy. 

“Dr. Marco Iacoboni: Mirroring People”: In this episode we cover the different roles mirror neurons play in the brain, how they affect social cognition, learning, behavior, addiction, and daily interactions with other people.

“Conference Panel: How Can We Build a Culture of Empathy?”: with Marco Iacoboni, Karen Gerdes, and Rhonda Morton

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Oct 03 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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