On-demand: Helping Your Children with Bedtime and Sleep

Helping Your Children with Bedtime and Sleep

The videos and resources in this course are filled with great examples of how to connect more deeply with your children and how to help them sleep.

Presented by: Hand in Hand Parenting

Course web site: https://www.handinhandparenting.org/product/helping-your-children-with-sleep-online-class/?fbclid=IwAR2AFv_x2xZtelw2FgyieXHuDJDlW5tKk3Xc2isIb9aHGihTz-Tz4Zj0hi0

Location: online 

Format: on-demand course

  • 19 Instructional Videos (10-15 min each for easy retention) ($79 Value)
  • Instant access to these transformative videos, mp3s, and reading materials
  • Unlimited access 24/7 for one year
  • 9 “Listening to Children” e-booklets ($29 value)

Price: $55.00 (online classes and literature products are 25% off when you join the Hand in Hand Parent Club)

Course description: Are bedtime struggles with your child leaving you exhausted? Do you lose your patience or feel like you have to “be mean” to get your kids into bed on time? Parents work hard and you need your rest too.

Does your child have a meltdown when it’s time for bed? Refuse a normal nightly routine? Suddenly remember a long list of things they “need” before they can go to sleep?

Would you like to make bedtime a close, relaxing time you can enjoy? Put an end to bed wetting, night terrors, and bedtime tantrums? Have more energy to connect with your child and your partner

Learning objectives: 

  • The 5 step method to help your child sleep through the night
  • Building sleep confidence
  • Overcoming night terrors, restless sleep, and bedwetting
  • The steps to relaxed sleep
  • How to handle your own emotional moments

You’ll also learn

  • How to set limits around bedtime
  • How to identify the source of your child’s night time anxiety and build sleep confidence
  • Why a sense of connection is so vital to your child’s healthy sleep
  • The importance of emotional support for yourself when parenting gets hard
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Jun 06 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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