Mindsight Immersion Weekends with Dr. Dan Siegel

This May, we are happy to present our special Aware Immersion WeekendAware: The Science and Practice of Presence In this exclusive event, participants will explore the science behind awareness, presence, and interpersonal neurobiology, while reinforcing fundamental ideas and pushing the boundaries of knowledge further to explore the nature of wisdom, kindness, and connection.

This weekend will solely focused on two of Dan’s most recent, bestselling books – Aware: The Science and Practice of Presence and Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Humanas well as his Wheel of Awareness meditation practice.

Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human by Dr. Dan Siegel

  • This immersion weekend is limited to 20 students
  • Enjoy learning with Dan over a leisurely weekend
  • Have the time to explore the applications of the latest neuroscience to your professional and personal life
  • Explore the science behind mindsight and interpersonal neurobiology
  • Make the material your own and deepen your personal comprehension by interviewing Dan for 15 – 20 minutes on sections of these books that you find most useful, perplexing, or otherwise compelling

If you’re interested, please download and review a copy of the Syllabus (click the button below). It provides a complete course description, schedule and previous students’ comments about their immersion experiences.


The Georgian Hotel

1415 Ocean Ave

Santa Monica, CA 90401

Weekend in Santa Monica: 14 CEs

“Great learning and lots of take-home ideas!”
Todd, Psychologist, Canada


“Energizing learning experience, very supportive and welcoming!”
Elaine, M.D., New York


“It is wonderful to be exposed to this breadth of knowledge, mindsight and integration.”
Maureen, LMFT & MFC, California


“The immersion weekend is inspirational. Dan’s way of exuding equanimity, kindness and respect to each person is phenomenal. The weekend is packed full of in-depth learning and joy.”
Donna Ray, Feldenkrais Trainer, Cardiff, CA


“The Mindsight Immersion Weekend with Daniel J. Siegel provided a fertile soil for discovery. The weekend was grounded in Dr. Siegel’s work exploring the science of mind and enriched by the collective experiences of my fellow students. I left feeling energized, inspired, and hopeful that by deepening our understanding and experience of what it means to be human, we can cultivate a new definition of well-being for our selves and the planet.”
Jennifer Bloom, poet-singer-scholar, Austin, Texas


Immersion Weekend, 2014


May 15 2020
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