Introduction to Intersectional Healing: Exploration at the Intersection of IPNB and the Healing Arts

Introduction to Intersectional Healing: Exploration at the Intersection of IPNB and the Healing Arts

Statement of need: We have inherited deep ancestral knowledge about how to heal ourselves and our communities. We heal through storytelling, drumming, movement, art, and deep listening. We heal through our relationships, time spent in nature, rest, and nourishment in its varied forms. Yet the complexities of 21st century life often disrupt our connection to this wisdom. Intersectional healing combines interpersonal neurobiology with ancient healing arts and practices. We explore the answers to the deepest questions of wounding, what has happened, what does it mean that this has happened, and now that I know that this has happened, what must I do.

Presented by: Vanessa Timmons, offered through Nurturing the Heart with the Brain in Mind

Contact: Vanessa Timmons 10102 SE 10 St, Vancouver, WA 98664

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Location: Vancouver, Washington, USA

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Journaling as a Healing Practice, September 23-24, 2022

This workshop combines interpersonal neurobiology and the art of journaling. Journaling is a joyful yet powerful way of working beyond the habit of analysis to open new perspectives and meaning in our life journey. Current research tells us that journaling increases the efficacy of numerous healing paths, supporting our ability to understand ourselves and navigate our challenges. We will explore the art and science of a healing journal to support ourselves and our clients.

Restoring Ourselves: A Healing Circle of Care, January 7-8, 2023 and September 22-23, 2023

Restoring Ourselves: A Healing Circle of Care provides an opportunity for deep healing and restoration. The pandemic is taking us through a collective journey of deep change, which at times has felt overwhelming. But what I know about change is that it is also a fertile time, allowing us to heal, practice our unique wholeness, and build collective and personal resiliency.

The Restoring Ourselves Healing Circle is my personal offering to this complex time. Over the course of two days, we will gather to explore the lessons, gifts, and grief of this moment and engage in restorative healing practices. We will experience deep listening, sand tray, visual journaling and collage, healing storytelling, and experience the healing power of community. Our circle will be intimate, playful, and fun.

Somatic Journaling, March 18-19, 2023

In this workshop, we will explore the somatic journal writing practice and examine the impact of trauma on our body. Stress and trauma exert a powerful influence on our physical system. Through awareness and expression, Somatic Journaling provides a path for healing from the hidden impacts of stress. Together, we will explore the role stress plays in our lives and its impact on our resiliency. We will learn to trust the hidden wisdom that lives deep within us.

Course credit hours: No CEs available for these trainings. A certificate of completion will be available at the end of the class.

Cost: $300.00: $100 nonrefundable deposit, balance to be paid three months before class begins. Fifty dollar discount if paid in full at time of registration. 

Cost includes registration, art supplies, breakfasts, and lunches. Dinners and lodging are participants’ responsibility.


Sep 22 2022 - Sep 23 2023

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