A Connection Masterclass with Dr. Stephen Porges, PhD: Implications of the Polyvagal Theory for the Future of Medicine and Mental Health

In this 3-hour connection masterclass featuring Dr. Porges, we will explore the implications of Polyvagal Theory for the future of medicine and mental health. In this conversation, we’ll look at the profound ways that a deep understanding of the Polyvagal Theory is likely to re-shape medicine and mental health in the future, and how understanding physiological state through a Polyvagal lens is likely to lead to re-conceptualizing of diagnostic categories, conceptualization of dis-ease (both physical and mental health), and otherwise transform healing, both for patients, and for wellness practitioners. Dr. Porges is in conversation with Gabriel Kram, Founder and CEO of Applied Mindfulness, Inc., and Convener of the Restorative Practices Alliance


Apr 15 2021
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