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David Harris

Phone: 404-441-2347
Primary Professional Role: Career and Relational Coaching

Carly Henderson

City: Portland
Phone: 971-270-0658
Primary Professional Role: Licensed Professional Counselor

Jim Hever
Jim Hever

City: Cambridge
Phone: 07546426285
Primary Professional Role: Consciousness Catalyst

Richard Hill
Richard Hill

City: Gordon
Phone: 0414585904
Primary Professional Role: Neuropsychotherapist and Coach at The Mindscience Institute

Tammy Ichinotsubo-Ezzi
Tammy Ichinotsubo-Ezzi

Phone: 3104279277

Carol Jenkins
Carol Jenkins

City: Sparks
Phone: 3348682790

Chetan Joshi
Chetan Joshi

Primary Professional Role: Associate Director and Director of Clinical Services

Lynda Klau

Phone: +1. 212.595.7373
Primary Professional Role: Psychologist • Coach • Speaker

Helen Klebesadel
Helen Klebesadel

City: Madison
Phone: 6082413078
Sara Klinzman

City: Olympia
Phone: 360-350-2288
Primary Professional Role: Private Practice Therapist