May 15-17, 2015, Crest Theater, Los Angeles,  21 CE hours

Mary Main MD, Erik Hesse PhD, Daniel Siegel MD, Paula Thomson PsyD, Frances Nkara, Bonnie Goldstein, PhD

In this three day, one of a kind workshop, participants will be able to dive deeply into both the science and the clinical implications of attachment research with the leading pioneers in the field, Mary Main, Erik Hesse and Daniel Siegel. We will focus especially on the development and outcomes of those with disorganized attachment, exploring how to both deeply understand its etiology and approaches to healing this form of developmental trauma.

Among the subjects covered are: Frightening and Frightened Behaviors, Freezing or Stilling of expression, and simultaneous contradictory behaviours. The program also covers: Outcomes of Disorganized Attachment in various populations, social and cognitive dysfunction. motor and learning developmental patterns, speech and language difficulties based on attachment disorganization, and the link between Disorganized Attachment and adult dissociative disorders.

During the course of the three days, two senior clinicians will present their clinical work with children and families; Dr. Paula Thomson will discuss her use of the AAI in treatment and Dr. Bonnie Goldstein will present videotapes of her sessions with children. Drs. Mary Main, Erik Hesse, and Daniel Siegel will discuss the cases.